Thursday, September 28, 2006

Keeping it going

Uuugh. Things are just way to busy being the soccer dad that I have become, though I am enjoying it tremendously. Now for updated news. Anna has a school. It seems like there are more children out here than school space so waiting lists are huge and long. However, Autumn met a Lutheran minister while she was waiting for husband's return from Iraq and they struck up a conversation that led to an opening at their school. Only about a 15 minute drive but on Tuesday and Thursday she will be in school. Other news.....Jason has an ear infection. For those who remember, Anna was the queen of the ear infection, however this is Jason's first one, at least, that we caught. The boy doesn't complain about much, that is unless his sister is laying on top of him. Otherwise things are good. We are off to the zoo tomorrow with Madeleine (one of Anna's new friends). This will be the second adventure for us to the zoo. I don't think we saw more than half of it the first time.

Hope all are doing well out there.........Enjoy the pictures of Jason's first birthday (one reading Grandpa and Grandma Saeger's card and his first taste of cake) and of Anna at ballet.....


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