Saturday, October 18, 2008


Happy 3rd Birthday Jason

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sea World and Fires

The fires over the ridge during day
At night, you can really see them burn
Two massive superscoopers that sucked water up from the ocean and dumped in on the fire. These planes use to hunt submarines in the ocean. Pretty nice retirement plan, heh?
Anna and I sitting in the soak zone. Boy did we get soaked. And folks the water is freezing and very salty.
Jason and me on the Sesame Street Rides

So, as usual this family takes advantages of all of the free stuff for military families. This Monday we made our 3rd trip to SeaWorld, still free. While in the park we got a call from a friend asking if we were okay, with the fires burning on Camp Pendleton. It wasn't until will got home that we realized how close it was. Check out the photos, that is two ridges away from us. Pretty freaky!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Here is the link to my video from Iraq and all of the photos I took.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Anna made a sign to send me off. . .
This welcomed me home!

Seven months ago the buses took us away.

Here are the buses bringing us back.
I had to find them, but the effect was the same. Notice the bag of goodies from the Shannon Airport. I had a marvelous layover in the Emerald Isle. Had a pint of Guinness, landed in the green, and spent some time with some of the most wonderful people . . .the Irish.
Jason and Mommy
Walking away . . .heading home to indoor plumbing

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

UUHG I keep forgetting about this thing called a blog

Anna is hanging backstage awaiting her performance at this year's ballet recital.
Can you believe, even after being expelled from one preschool, Anna has graduated onto Kindergarten....Even Jason is amazed, actually Jason just wants to get to the potluck dinner.

So I keep forgetting to type up a new message. Sorry for all of you who check it everyday to find out I forgot again to post something new. Well, if you checked it today, you are lucky for here is a new post.

So, I put the kids on an airplane today with Autumn's folks. They are taking the kids for about 5 weeks. So you might think I came home, bought a keg and tore the house up. Nope...

I hung out with our neighbor who is moving tomorrow, feeding his 5 and 2 year old leftover watermelon. I know how to let it all hang out don't I....

Anyway here are some recent photos of the kiddos and their various activities.... If anyone is in the SoCal area and wants to hang give me a call or just come to the beach on Pendleton and look for the guy floating on his boogie board awaiting the perfect wave...
Until next time

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Didn't know a month had past.

Well, I best to keeping this thing updated. Sheesh, I looked and it has been several weeks since I posted anything here.

I believe we are now at 2 months and 1 week into deployment. The kids and I keep busy with school, birthday parties, and hanging with friends.

Here are some pictures of recent times.

Anna is riding at her school's trike-a-thon. Not to brag but notice, no training wheels, though I fear she is too fast for her own good
Another one of Anna crusing around the school parking lot
Jason had quite the time strawberry picking. He didn't even bother with getting a basket. He just took his bowl right out into the field and started having lunch. He don't care 'bout no pesticides.
Jason loves those strawberries. Not sure how many he ate, but we definitely got our monies worth on this trip.

Until next time....Gar