Monday, September 25, 2006

Music questions abound

So, it was bound to happen.....What music am I listening to these days??? Let's see... Some new stuff that I have been spinning on the Ipod include the new Ani Difranco, Golden Smog, World Party, Jason Collett, Neko Case, and The Long Winters. Older stuff includes The Frames (thank you LB for continuing to remind me of their genius), the first two Bjork solo records, as always Bob Dylan (Oh Mercy is spinning right now), Talking Heads, and Merle Haggard reissues....

I just ordered a couple of the Pogues re-issues and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. I am just learning about the genius and tragedy of Shane MacGowan.......

Here are some lyrics to Ani's song 78% H2O.........

when the joy had left your body
and you were locked in to your own thoughts
you used to love to sit by the water
and watch it lapping on the rocks
and every time you put your feet in
you'd cry out and you would pray
but it's all downhill from here baby
so naturally, i can't stay

first you'll roll your eyes to heaven
say you never had love so divine
but it will go from
more than ever
to not enough
in no time
you will push and
you will push until
you push me away
i hear you cry out for your water
and i know you'll curse it someday

i guess for me
there's been a few
who've walked up smiling
and drawn a line
between so far
and from now on
yes a big glowing
line in time
and i've been disappointed
i've been heartbroken
yes i too have
loved from afar
but we are 78% water
even our pumping hearts

Still looking for my camera to post some more pictures.

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