Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pink and baby brothers

Yes, it is hard being a big sister. But, Anna refuses to give an inch to the uncouth brother. She relishes her pink room and trips to the "haircut place", unlike her brother who throws a holy fit. Here they are walking out of the salon, you notice that it took a bag of popcorn and a balloon for Jason to get his hair cut.

And if you are wondering about the cut and bruise on Jason, goodness knows where it came from. We stopped keeping track of all of his scraps months ago.

In this last photo, notice that Anna is trying to dress like Mommy with a USMC digital green shirt on, but notice the pink flip flops. Not very tactical! Hmm I wonder if I could talk the USMC into . . . nawh . . . It would never work.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

News from Autumn's world

Two very exciting things happened in the past few months to my circle of oldest friends. Amy Murray, my friend from Mrs. Page's 5th Grade homeroom class got married this summer to John Holcomb.

And most recently Diane Bourne, a friend from 7th grade gave birth to a baby boy Charles.