Friday, October 27, 2006

So. Cal Wildfires

So, as I have ecpressed before, the weather here is near perfect. The occasional cloudy day has happened, and yes it has rained once, but everyday is sunny and wonderful. Now there is a wildfire about 100 miles from us but the winds brought all the smoke and ash down here to us. So yesterday it smelled like a campfire gone crazy and the sky was a smokey fog all day.

Anna had to play inside at her school and finally we had to close up the house. We were outside with our neighbor for a little while last night but the smoke would cause your eyes to water and almost choke on it. It seems to have cleared up a bit today but you can still smell it in the air, and I imagine that when the winds kick up again we might get some more of it.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Granddad arrives

Granddad spent a glorious weekend with his grandkids. Here they are at the airport on his way home. Anna was so excited to see him, that the whole airport heard her calling "Granddad". Granddad said he heard her, BEFORE he saw her!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The rainy season has begun

Well something happened yesterday. It rained. It doesn't do that much in So Cal. But, it did yesterday, and last night, and this morning. We watched all of these folks act like they had never seen rain. This wasn't even those spring storms like we get in TN, it was nice. However it did manage to knock the power out for about 3 hours last night.

Anna is enjoying having Granddad here and Jason just chills out too. Here are some new photos of Anna and her friend Maddie after they got into Mommy's makeup.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Here are some new photos to look at....

Jason is learning how to escape from gates

Anna is a fearless gymnastics tumbler.

Anna's first day at her new school...

Anna visits mommy at work and sees her new office.

Anna visits the Wild Animal Park with her new best friend Madeliene

Don't steal my pacifier!!!!!!!!!

Anna and her new friend Maddie...

Anna takes Jason for a walk in the wagon

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Marine Corps OORAH

Hello all!

Here is my 2 cents to living in CA. I love my work with the Marines. Although, my battalion is mostly Navy Corpmen (Medics). Everyday is something different. I finally have a computer so you can drop me an email at My RPSN (Religious Programing Specailist) Seaman Alexander Hoffman from Texas is aboard and getting things together on his end. He is my Admin person in garrison and my bodyguard in field. He is 20 years old and carries a large M-16 in the field to provide protection for his chaplain, since the Navy will not let me have a weapon. Probably, a good idea!
My day is filled with meetings, briefs, personal counseling and the random fun event. My office is in the shadow of the Marine Air Group and the live fire weapons range, which means it is never quiet at my office. Next week we will be doing a NBC (nuero-bio-chemical) confidence excerise. In Marine Corp terms that means that they are going to Gas us. Oh goody, and before 7:00 am.