Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning . . . chaos! Santa brought Anna Bitty Baby (American Girl). And all of her relatives made sure that Bitty Baby had a bed, changing table, stroller, diaper bag and a bath tub. Jason got a Thomas the Train Toddler Bed and I think the smile on his face as he took his nap says it all!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

From our house to yours . . .all the best. We thought we would show you what Jason looks like all cleaned up! It doesn't happen very often, but he sure is cute!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Grandparents arrive!

My parents arrived from SC a few days ago. Most Grands fly, mine drive cross country (see the truck in the background) to bring presents. Anna and Jason will wake up Christmas morning to a swing set in the backyard, courtesy of Grammie (Anna's new name for my mom) and Granddad. Here are just a few of the priceless moments unloading the pickup truck.
Jason struggles to carry a box as big as him
Anna is a pro!
"Hey, train paper. Does this say my name" Jason
Anna dressed for her Christmas play at church
The halo just doesn't fit. I wonder what that means?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Mojave Viper Desert Training

I just finished the Desert training for deployment, in the beautiful Mojave Desert, 29 Palms CA. Here are some of the highlights
While we were there, it rained (in the desert), which flooded the chapel. I woke up to water in my room. This is a photo of the two 1st Class Petty Officers digging a trench to drain the water. God bless them, not only do they put up with Chaplains, but they get to do FUN stuff like this! RP1 McCormick (left) is the RP the I am deploying with.

Here is how the Marine Corps would protect the Holy Family. Angels We have Heard on High . . .more like Howitsers over Head.

Sunrise on the desert from the back of an uparmored humvee.
Don't ask what time it was!

Lighting the Advent wreath at the Chapel of the Desert.
The Sandstorms . . .are just like this in Iraq
Chaplain? Is that you?
Santa made a visit to 29 Palms!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dance Recital Winter 2007

Here are some photos from Anna's recent ballet recital. Her class and the dance they did were awesome, and as you can probably guess I think theirs was one of the highlights of the show. Anna wouldn't let me see any of her dance (she would practice in her room with her door closed) so it was neat to see her do so well.

This girl was born for the stage.
The moves were more complicated this time but they pulled it off incredibly.
The two buddies (her friend that she went to Disneyland with) after the dance with their flowers.

Decorating Christmas Cookies

So, what did I have to lose. Decorating Christmas cookies with the kids couldn't make that big of a mess could it? Three days later and I am still finding sprinkles but Jason had a blast decorating and redecorating his cookie over and over again....enjoy...

As Jason decorated he repeated the word shake, shake, shake....and promptly through a tantrum when the decorating was over.
Anna was quite the artist and took her time decorating. Maybe some of you remember the first time she decorated and just ate frosting the whole time.
The geniuses are at work on their creations. The dogs are under the table getting a sugar rush from all the dropped sprinkles....

Friday, December 07, 2007

Anna Meets The Princesses

Anna got to meet some real life princesses and she loved it. Her favorite, Ariel wasn't available today but Cinderella was and Anna couldn't believe it.

Snow White told the girls a story. Then it was off to meet the others
First was Belle.
Then Mulan
And finally Cinderella. Anna gave her a huge hug and talked to her like there was no tomorrow.

Jason, on the other hand could have cared less. He didn't want anything to do with the princesses. There was a train across the street and that was all he cared about.

Disneyland Part 1

The two boys are ready for action
Meet the two princesses as they embark on their journey

So here are some pictures from Anna and Jason's first visit to Disneyland. They both had a great time, (and I did to). The kids and I went with Paige and Matthew and their parents.