Saturday, November 04, 2006

Halloween and such

This is the first halloween that the kids did not have to wear coats. It was amazing. Anna and Gar carved the pumpkin the night before. In Southern CA everyone carves the night before. It is so warm here that the pumpkins rot in two days. Amazing! Anna was Strawberry Shortcake and Jason was a Giraffe!

Jason is also "walking" for a couple of feet now. It is fun to watch. Stay tuned for photos!

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jdaviddark said...

That there's a mighty fine Anna visual, and wee Jason looks to be dancing a jig.
We is surely missing thee(s).
Maybe it's because i keep listening to it so much and I'm delusional or something, but there are time when Beck's _The Information_ feels like it belongs right next to _OK Computer_.
Glad to imagine you reading this,