Friday, October 27, 2006

So. Cal Wildfires

So, as I have ecpressed before, the weather here is near perfect. The occasional cloudy day has happened, and yes it has rained once, but everyday is sunny and wonderful. Now there is a wildfire about 100 miles from us but the winds brought all the smoke and ash down here to us. So yesterday it smelled like a campfire gone crazy and the sky was a smokey fog all day.

Anna had to play inside at her school and finally we had to close up the house. We were outside with our neighbor for a little while last night but the smoke would cause your eyes to water and almost choke on it. It seems to have cleared up a bit today but you can still smell it in the air, and I imagine that when the winds kick up again we might get some more of it.


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Lorie said...

That sounds kind of scary.