Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sea World and Fires

The fires over the ridge during day
At night, you can really see them burn
Two massive superscoopers that sucked water up from the ocean and dumped in on the fire. These planes use to hunt submarines in the ocean. Pretty nice retirement plan, heh?
Anna and I sitting in the soak zone. Boy did we get soaked. And folks the water is freezing and very salty.
Jason and me on the Sesame Street Rides

So, as usual this family takes advantages of all of the free stuff for military families. This Monday we made our 3rd trip to SeaWorld, still free. While in the park we got a call from a friend asking if we were okay, with the fires burning on Camp Pendleton. It wasn't until will got home that we realized how close it was. Check out the photos, that is two ridges away from us. Pretty freaky!

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