Monday, July 30, 2007

The Harry Potter Experience

No, this isn't a spoiler blog that will tell you the ending of the book. I am only at page 500 and won't talk about it until I have finished it.

But, our church First Lutheran of Vista CA, had their vacation bible experience this past week and used the Harry Potter movies and books as the basis of the VBE.

Anyway, one picture to share. Anna played an owl (Hedgewig) on a couple of the nights delivering cards and prizes to all the students.

Talk to you all soon again.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

News from the left coast

As you probably noticed, not much in terms of updates on this site. That should change by the end of the week. I have not been able to connect the camera to the computer in some time. Basically no pictures. Those are the things that get me to write in.

Also, been slammed with school. Starting the process of nursing school. Doing basic anatomy (learning the names of all of these wonderful body parts). You need to know the name of your arteries and veins, I can tell you (well at least by the end of this week maybe, it's what we are studying)

I ordere a cf card reader that I can put in the computer in place of the floppy drive. At least that way we can plug the card in and get the pictures off of it.

Hope you are all doing well....

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dance, Dance, Dance

Anna's Dance Recital was a few weeks ago and she had a blast. She was thinking about not doing dance, but I think she has changed her mind. At least for now. Things are busy for us here, eventhough it is the middle of the summer. Gar is studying and the kids are having a great time at the beach, park, and pool. Come out for a visit sometime.