Monday, December 17, 2007

Mojave Viper Desert Training

I just finished the Desert training for deployment, in the beautiful Mojave Desert, 29 Palms CA. Here are some of the highlights
While we were there, it rained (in the desert), which flooded the chapel. I woke up to water in my room. This is a photo of the two 1st Class Petty Officers digging a trench to drain the water. God bless them, not only do they put up with Chaplains, but they get to do FUN stuff like this! RP1 McCormick (left) is the RP the I am deploying with.

Here is how the Marine Corps would protect the Holy Family. Angels We have Heard on High . . .more like Howitsers over Head.

Sunrise on the desert from the back of an uparmored humvee.
Don't ask what time it was!

Lighting the Advent wreath at the Chapel of the Desert.
The Sandstorms . . .are just like this in Iraq
Chaplain? Is that you?
Santa made a visit to 29 Palms!

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