Friday, December 29, 2006

Scenes of our CA Christmas

Here are the images from our family Christmas. Anna and Jason had a ball with Granddad and Gramma. Gramma bought her a brand new nightgown for Christmas morning. Anna was also in her first Christmas program at her school. Jason had a great Christmas. He got a push car and spent most of Christmas morning sitting in it and having Granddad push him around. Anna receieved from Santa (by way of South Carolina) a new baby and double stroller, which is her favorite present. Nothing can even touch it, it is the best gift she had!

The chaos afterwards is the most fun! I can't say enough about my parents, every grandchild should have grandparents like this, they spent the day with them at Chucky Cheese. It is like my parents are little children too. Anna says "I'm Gramma's girl and Granddad's baby". How fun!

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