Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cali Sunsets

Just a follow up to what Autumn was describing.... A bit of warm front came through and it was in the mid 80's last week. And as for Halloween, I took the kids out in shorts and a t-shirt. Sometimes it is quite surreal out here. I keep waiting for a cold blast but nope........

Looking forward to seeing all you fine folks in Nashville. Me and the kids will be there Nov. 29 through Dec 6th. Hope to see as many of you as possible. You can always find me at either Josh & Sandy's house (where we are residing) or Grimey's, Baja Burrito, or on some disc golf course in the middle Tennessee area.

David- in response to Beck. I am starting to fall into agreement with you regarding "The Information". I am starting to think it is Beck's finest work maybe since "Odelay". Favorite track so far "Strange Apparition". The opening line just gets it all going for me:

Lord, please don't forsake me
In my, Mercedes Benz
All the riches and the ruins
Now we all know, how that story ends

until later Gar

yes it is in my best of this year..........

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Lorie said...

Looking forward to seeing you guys again! Beautiful pictures.
Geoff and Lorie